Saturday, October 2, 2010

Darn Deer!

Yes, dear deer!  Do you think this is a nice looking animal?
Well think again!  Thursday night on my way home from work at 11:30 pm I really didn't like these animals much!  One jumped out in front of me and landed about 1 foot in front of my hood.  That only lasted about .5 seconds until I smacked it good!  It rendered my car undriveable!  I have to say we have a great insurance company that was out right away the same day, and they are pretty good to work with.  We have to decide now whether to fix it or not.  The damages were enough that it could be totaled out!  Big decisions, as I really liked my little car!
Thankfully, I was not hurt bad (my neck and shoulders are hurting), I am a Survivor and will be OK!  There was a good Samaritan that came along behind me and stopped to see if I needed help.  Since my car was not able to be driven, I parked it and he gave me a ride home.  He happened to be from the same town as me.  What a coincidence.  I will not forget the kindness he showed me.

I guess I can always make a scrapbook page about it, huh?

Happy Scrappin'

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