Monday, August 23, 2010

2 new art projects with a sneak peek!

Last Saturday we had our awesome team meeting *and if anyone is interested in signing up to be a consultant and joining my team, just let me know as I would love to have you*

Part of the fun of the day was that it was a theme party.  We were to be groovy and dress up like the 60's.  What a fun time that was.  Here I am in my 60's dress (a little short for my tastes, but it was fun!)  Too bad the go go boots didn't fit!  (So sorry for the poor quality picture-it was from my phone and it really isn't good, but you get the idea!)
You are laughing with me and not at me, right??

Then in the afternoon we were creating.  I used the brand new Mistletoe papers for both of my projects.  It will be available to my customers beginning on September 1st.  If you need your new idea book, just let me know and I will get it to you!

Here is the paper bag purse that we simple to make!  Thanks for showing us how, Sheri!
We also learned how to make this adorable file folder album.  It was also pretty easy to do-thanks to the great instructions from Rachel.
Open it up and you have lots of 'pages' to flip for lots of photos (plus you can customize it to fit your needs!)
I love creating, especially when in the company of such good friends!

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. The file folder album looks really nice. A nice, quick project. And I really like the metal strips that hold the pages to the top of the folder.