Monday, December 7, 2009

A weekend of Gratitude

What a wonderful weekend we had! I cannot even begin to explain the depth of our gratitude.

Friday night started out with us having dinner at a friend's house. Bob and Sam are wonderful host's and some of the greatest friends we could ask for. We had fondue there. That was a first for us. The steak was amazing! We are now looking at getting a fondue set so we can do it at home! I seem to remember one of these sitting in the cupboard at our house growing up, but I do not remember ever doing it. Maybe Mom and Dad did that on one of the many weekends that us kids were at Grandpa and Grandma's??? :)
Sam is the world's greatest quilter. I was in love with her studio at their cabin. It was like walking into a quilt shop (of course, my crafting area rivals any scrapbook store, too, I guess). I would love to learn to quilt someday, but I just do not have the time with all my paper crafting that I do right now. Well, just imagine our surprise (and delight) when she presented us with our very own quilt that she made for us. It is GORGEOUS and I LOVE it! Isn't it beautiful?Then we saw the tag she sewed on the corner. They knew both of our kids and so this little tag is so very precious to us. She wants us to 'use' this quilt, not leave it sit. Oh, we will use it, alright. It is so warm and comfy! Thank you Sam and Bob!

Then the gratitude continued on Saturday. The mailman rang the doorbell and left a package at the doorstep that was too big to fit in the mailbox. I was on the phone with my girlfriend at the time, but had to open it right away. I didn't think I ordered anything, what did I get from Bobbi Jo? All I can say is WOW! I immediately had tears in my eyes and pretty soon I couldn't even talk on the phone anymore (good thing my girlfriend totally understood-I think she cried, too). See, Bobbi Jo had seen on my blog the altered cookie sheets that I had made. She had her grandchildren over and they were going to make some as teacher gifts that day. Her and a couple of the granddaughters were looking back at my blog to see how I decorated mine. Her girls started asking questions about my kids. Bobbi explained it to them and they right away asked her if they could make one for me. She said, of course. This is the product of their generosity. They did a fabulous job and I am truly grateful. I even taped the note Bobbi Jo sent along with it to the back as I want to keep it. It is truly precious. Thank you so much Bobbi Jo, it is a treasure that I will keep forever!

Saturday night was spent with some more wonderful friends. We had an absolutely wonderful time! Sunday came and I spent it with my club girls. I already showed you our December club pages. I had a great time again. Thanks ladies!

Happy Scrappin'

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