Friday, December 4, 2009

Altered picture frames

So, here is what I was downstairs making the other night. I have been planning to make these for quite some time now, but finally got a little spare time to do it. I made some similar to this after our son passed away (click here to view one) and now finally got some made for our daughter, too. There is one for me and one for each of her grandparents.I just went to our local liquidator store (Bargain Bill's) and bought some fairly cheap wooden frames. It is so easy to add you own paper and embellishments to them to customize them to fit your needs. I love how you can personalize them.This was Rhonda's favorite paper pack (gee, it was a western themed paper...can't imagine why she would have like that one :) Of course I had to put one of her many horse pictures in it. See the embellishment on the right hand side with the star on it? That is actually one of our My Pages Talk Voice Recorders. I was able to capture Rhonda's voice and put it on her frame.These are such a cool thing. They would make such a cute Christmas ornament-decorate it and hang it on your tree or they are small enough to fit on a scrapbook page if you want, too. You can record whatever you want on it. Just imagine...your children singing happy birthday, a Christmas song, a new babies heartbeat...the list goes on forever. I love these little things. The neat thing about them is that even if the battery goes dead, it won't lose the voice you recorded. Just replace the battery and it's still there. Cool, huh? You can find them here.

OK, off to finish up my Christmas cards...

Happy Scrappin'

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