Monday, May 11, 2009

A great Mother's Day!

What a fun Mother's Day I had. We headed up to Hayward to Famous Dave's (the original Famous Dave's for any of you who know about this place). Their brunch was wonderful. We met my Mom and her husband and my sister and her family up there. We all left very full and satisfied. It was good to get everyone together for a couple of hours. This is my sister and her girls, Mom, and me and Rhonda.Then we stopped in at Dale's Mom and Dad's place. His brother and sister ended up there at the same time as we were. What a lot of laughs we had there. Here is Dale and his Mom and Rhonda.I have to say that I have a fabulous family :)

It is back to work for me today...yuck!! I bet tomorrow I won't be smiling so much. It'll be back to the aches and pains :( I am sooo dreading it. I know, in this economy, I should not be complaining, I should be happy I have a job, but it is definitely not the same placer as was to work when I started there. Let's just say, 23 years later I am not any younger either :) I am happy to have a job, but am wondering how many more years I am going to physically be able to do my job. I may have to start looking for something else.

Happy Scrappin'

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