Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cards from Art Day

Art Day on Sunday was absolutely fabulous once again! Three times per year (to coordinate when our new idea books come out) our team gets together for 'Art Day.' We each teach a technique or a product knowledge item. We try not to duplicate what we have done in the past, so those of us who have done it every time don't get repeats. We each have to make a 6x6 product knowledge or technique page that describes how to do the technique or what to do with the product. Then we also prep and bring the supplies needed to make a standard card using that technique or product. Not only are we learning how to do these things, but we get to try them out and bring home a sample, too!

Sometimes the techniques are a review for something we already know how to do, but sometimes we are learning something completely new to us. Each of us also get the 6x6 cards to put in an album for our customers to see. What a great tool!

Maybe the most fun part of the day is meeting the gals on the team or re-connecting with the ones we already know. It is a fun day of creating and networking. I look forward to every one we do! On to the art...

Embossing Designer brads-Jen ZEmboss any color-stair step card-Jen LScratch & Sniff technique-SusanEmbossing transparencies-Sheri (I'm not sure how my card got the big smudge on it, it looked good when I set it aside to dry, but someone must have put a finger in it or something-oh well)Hinges-Rachel
Tape Transfer-AmandaFaux paper tearing-AnnFoam embossing-Liz HPretty Pins-AbbyPaper WeavingCorner Rounder-making scallops-Sarah
Suspension Card-KateFoxi Oxi technique-HeatherSwinger Card-AnnaMosaic-Liz H
Glitter Window-LynnColor Ready Alphas-TammyWow, that was a lot of photos...enjoy!

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. I love your work! It is all wonderful!!!