Thursday, March 26, 2009

New stamp set and Mud Boots

That title has you wondering a little, huh?

OMG! I saw a little sneak peak into the new catalog last night from our founder Jeanette Lynton's blog. You should click on her name to take you there to check it out. She showed us one of the new stamp sets that will be in the new catalog, which goes live on May 1st. It is the cutest recipe set you've ever seen. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on that one. I would show you a picture here, but I'm not so sure if that would be allowed or not. You need to check out her blog anyway if you have not done so. She gives us little glimpses into her 'real' life with photos of family and friends, recipes, and tidbits of this and that. She is a very wonderful woman that I have had the pleasure of meeting several times now. She is an inspiration to me-I want to be her when I grow up!

Speaking of family, remember me showing you a picture of our new little family member, Barney? Well, he has been able to stay in the house even though he has been a little schyster on more than one occasion. This morning's thing was that he was in my craft room during the night and had my sponges all over. You know, the little round sponges that I cut into wedges. I maybe am a little anal about these things, but I put them in a cheapy tackle box that I bought and label them as to the color I used them with and then just keep re-using them until they pretty much fall apart. I must have left the cover open-my mistake, I can't let that happen again.

This is what I do with my sponges. It may be a little to compulsive for some of you, but it works for me :)Barney's other latest thing is to play with Rhonda's mud boots. He knocks them over and then gets ready to pounce...
Then he just dives right into one of them. He rolls around wearing it and really kinda makes a mess in my entryway, but it's just harmless fun for him. It makes me laugh.Until later, Happy Scrappin'


  1. Tammy I love this idea! Do you mine if I feature it on my Tuesday Tip next week and link back to your blog?

  2. Katie,

    Feel free to feature my helpful hint-I am happy to share!


  3. I am just cracking up at your cat. Next to scrapbooking, cats are my second love. I am the mommy to seven of them. I don't feature them enough on my maybe I should sometime. I accidently came across your blog, but I'll visit again.