Monday, March 30, 2009

Lincoln, Nebraska

Sorry, no posts since Thursday, but we were on the road. I went with my husband and our friends, Bill & Vicky, to Lincoln, Nebraska for an indoor NATPA tractor pull. Yes, we hauled their tractors that far for a pull. A couple of years ago my husband actually ran with their circuit and did all but 2 of their winter pulls. He had a lot of fun, but the closest one to us was almost 500 miles away, so he really only did that for one winter. Now the guys just go to one or two of them a year.

They pull indoors at the Lancaster County Event Center. The building they pulled in was newly constructed last year and it was huge. Here are just some of the tractors lined up in there the night before the pull.Here's Dale pulling his tractor. It was really a challenge for him to decide which tractor he wanted to bring down with him, as he has a few of them sitting here to choose from.We had a great time, as we always do with Bill & Vicky. It was about an 8 hour ride down there. On the way down, we stopped off in the little town of Elk Horn, Iowa for fuel. We stopped at a place called Steffeni's Good Eats to fuel our bodies, too. They had great food there and to top it all off, there were scrapbooking layouts posted on the wall that I had to check out. Our waitress, Steffeni's Mom (waving hello), created them. Great work on the layouts and the restaurant. If we are ever back in that neck of the woods, we will be stopping in again!

Then when we finally got to our rooms on Friday night (after traveling all day and stopping off at the pull site to drop off tractors, get them tech inspected, signing up to pull, getting them parked, and spending some time bs'ing with the guys) we had an unexpected surprise. The hotel put us in their themed suites as they were out of regular rooms (but didn't charge us any extra). How cool was that? Bill & Vicky had the 50's room and we had the Western theme. We even hat whirlpool tubs right in our rooms. They felt good after a long day.

The day of the pull, Vicky and I also entertained ourselves part of the time at a huge indoor garage sale in the building next door to the one the pull was in. Holy cow, it was packed. It took us a couple of hours just to wander through the whole thing. During that time, I ran into some girls that used to be Close To My Heart consultants. They were selling a whole bunch of the "woodies" (the wood mounted rubber stamps) from the pre-Acrylic days. Waving hello to you girls, too! I gave them my information and hopefully they'll check in and say hello.

I guess today I will be unpacking and doing laundry. Until later...

Happy Scrappin'

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