Friday, March 6, 2009


Our next port of call was Curacao (and I don't know how to get the correct symbol for the second "c" in the name-it looks almost like a "5" attached to the bottom of the letter). What a beautiful island. This was the first time we had ever been here.

Here are a couple of views from the ship to the shore. I love all the colorful buildings. They have 3 bridges on the island and here are 2 of them. The big one you drive across and the pontoon swing bridge is now only for walking across. It swings open several times per day to let the boats through.They have several fishing boats that come through the bridge daily and open up a floating market. Not only do they sell fish but also fruits and vegetables at the floating market.
We took a private tour (much better than the ones you book through the cruise line-cheaper and more personal). Our driver/guide was Eda and she was a lot of fun! She told us all about anything we wanted to know, she was very knowledgeable. She brought us to a cave to tour through and when we got out, look what we saw again! I didn't even need to use the zoom lens on him as he came walking right up to me! He was about 3+ feet long. Then Eda proceeded to tell us that they eat iguana soup on the island. Had we had more time, I would have stopped at a local cafe and tried some.I hope you enjoyed your tour for the day,

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