Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Adventure of the Seas

My computer is fixed-YIPPEE!! You just don't know how attached you are to this thing until you don't have it. Now that I have it back, I can start sharing some pictures from our vacation. But first, here is my little bit of advice for you...I have been telling people for years to make sure they back up their photos on their computer...well, I have not done it-until now. I bought an external hard drive and that is my plan for this week-to get everything on my computer backed up. This really scared me. If I had lost all the pictures on my computer, I would have cried (because they are not all scrapped yet). So please, listen to my advice and get them backed up ASAP!

OK, here we go...We started our cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico on the Royal Caribbean ship "Adventure of the Seas". Here are a few shots from on the ship before we left port.We just had to try out the 'drink of the day' each day. It really was 5:00 somewhere-time means nothing on a cruise, you can start drinking right away in the morning if you want to (not that I would do that LOL).
We really did have an excellent time with our friends Jerry & LuAnn and Jeff & Bridget. It was a vacation that we won't forget. The weather was perfect every day. It did rain twice, I think, but it was time to go inside then anyway, so it didn't bother us.

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