Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Pinterest Party

First off, let me just say that life has once again been crazy, busy...but can I just also say that LIFE IS GOOD!

Last Sunday was Art Day at my house again and it was another fun, fun day!  Whenever us girls get together, we always have too much lots of food.  This time around, we decided to all make a new recipe from Pinterest.  Well...I guess we were all a little excited about it because I don't think any one of us did just one recipe!  We had LOTS of food and all ate until we were stuffed!  It was sooo good, though!

Then, as if that wasn't good enough, we also decided to make a recipe card (6x6 size) of our new creation to put in our ever-growing recipe books we've made.  Here are the two I made.  They are both super-duper-easy recipes to create.  Trust me, they were simple-but that just makes them all the better, right??  (and as always, click on the photos to enlarge them)
Now, if you know me at all, you also know I like to go with a theme of some sort.  Well, Pinterest to the rescue again.  I went with a Halloween theme.  Just check out the table legs...
 Whatdya think??

If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, I suggest you do...unless you have no time, because it will suck you in and you may not come up for air anytime soon!  It is an online board chock-full of ideas for just about anything you can imagine.  You just "pin" your favorites and can come back to look at them later.  If you are already on Pinterest, just click on my link in the left column to follow me there.

Happy Scrappin'