Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rosa Mexicano's

What a day it was yesterday with my friend, Lynn.  We started out the day having lunch at Rosa Mexicano's in downtown Minneapolis.  We had eaten at Rosa's a couple years back when we were in Washington DC and now that one was opened closer to home, we figured we just 'had' to go try it out.

See, there is quite the story behind that whole thing.  When we first went there, everyone was raving about how good the guacamole was - and they come table-side to make it right in front of you.  Well, the girls all wanted to order it.  That was fine with me, I figured I'd just eat those yummy chips with salsa instead since I didn't like guacamole (now remember, the only guac I'd ever had was the pasty stuff you can buy in a store).  Well, fast forward to when it was sitting right in front of me and I gave it a taste...I LOVED it!  Now the joke is that I've loved it my whole life!

So, off we went yesterday to Rosa's and the guacamole.  It was fabulous :)  The only downside to the place is that the setting just didn't do it for me.  It was far too upscale for a Mexican joint (at least for my tastes).  It did, however, fit right in with the Minneapolis setting.  Here are a few pictures from our fun adventure yesterday...from making the guacamole at our table to our pomegranate margarita and sangria drinks, to paying the bill.
We also did a little shopping and I can home with only a tiny little package of goodies to create with.  Hopefully I find some time this weekend to create what I have floating in my head to be able to show you :)

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. I am sooooooooo totally impressed that you updated your blog and totally had a great time with you at Rosa's and shopping afterwards! I even like the picture of me which is so totally like me at all!!! Let's do it again soon!!!