Saturday, May 26, 2012

Artist Priinter's Tray

On a recent day out with my friend Lynn, we found ourselves at the Mall of America.  Of course, while there, we had to stop in at Archiver's.  While there, I purchased (among other things) an Artist Printer's Tray.  I had grand ideas floating in my head of what to do with it (actually, I bought 2 different ones, but will have to wait to show you the other one once I get it completed.  Gotta wait for some more photos to finish that one.)

I happened to have all these engagement photos of my niece and her fiance since I will be creating the guest book for their wedding.  I found a great use for just a few of those photos in this tray.  I think it turned out great and can't wait to give it to them as a shower gift.
Hopefully you can see the depth and detail.
Well, did I do it justice?  I impressed myself with this creation - especially since I did it all on my own and had nothing to scrap-lift from!  I only hope the one I make for myself turns out half as great (NO, it will not have engagement photos in it, either!  LOL!)

I am off for another fun filled day with Lynn today, I wonder what finds I'll come up with this time...

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. great idea , beautiful photo's of special moments , just love gifts with that personal touch they become treasured keepsakes from special ones in our life . :)