Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handcarved greatness

Today I have a different kind of craft for you to enjoy.  No, I did not make these, but my talented brother-in-law did!  Ray, you truly have a knack for woodcarving, please don't give it up...and feel free to keep giving me the products of your handiwork :)

Today is Ray's birthday (Happy Birthday, Ray) and in his honor, I am showing you some of his woodcarvings.  I received this ornament for Christmas from him.
Last year I got this ornament (yep, he gave me the bird - hehehe).
The year before I got this adorable little Santa.
Take a look at the toothpicks he carved this year, too.  Yes, I said TOOTHPICKS!  Each one is fully carved and painted.  I told you he was talented!
Happy Scrappin'

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