Saturday, December 10, 2011

My First Pinterest Project

Have you happened to notice the "Follow my on Pinterest" button on the left side of my blog?  Pinterest is a new addiction I have found.  It is a really cool site where people post ideas - anything from fashion to crafty ideas to recipes name it.  You can re-pin the items that pique your interest, putting them in the categories you set up for your own board.  Essentially, an easier way to "save" all those interesting tidbits of information without having to 'bookmark' all those different pages - they are all saved in one neat little spot for me.  I can even pin things from random websites (not just re-pinning things from Pinterest).  Let me just warn you, though, that it is addicting :)

I have already re-created my first project that I found there.  These candles were so simple and easy to make, it's crazy. 
All it took is some big glass containers, some salt, cranberries, and a couple of candles.  See such a simple idea and oh so cute sitting outside this time of year!

I'm sure I'll be creating a lot more projects that I find on Pinterest.  Let me know if you, too, become addicted to that site :)

Happy Scrappin'


  1. Those look great! May have to make some myself.

  2. Thanks, Sheila! They were so easy, took literally a couple of took longer to purchase the items I needed than it did to make them :)

  3. Awesome idea Tammy!! I'm going to copy that one for sure :)