Thursday, December 22, 2011

Handmade Christmas Cards

Oh I just love getting all these Christmas cards in the mail - especially the handmade ones!  Oh I love them all, love reading the updates on everyone's families, love the photos, but really love the handmade greetings.  I am so impressed this year :)  I think a lot of people have really stepped it up!

Here are some of the handmade cards I have received so far:
This first one comes from my Mom-she has had her card planned for months now...
Here are the "Grandkids," their mom did a great job of creating a photo card:
 My friend Ronda:
 And the best story of all, my friend Barb's card.  Her daughter loves my work and thinks of me as somewhat of a guru.  She told her mom how great my card was.  Then she saw the card her mom made and told her that it was just as good as mine!  Barb was proud and I absolutely love the story (I just hope she doesn't mind me sharing it here!)
Speaking of my Christmas card, maybe I should show you mine, too.  Here it is...
Happy Scrappin'

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  1. All the cards are unique and awesome! Each being simular in that they are handmade yet each is different and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!