Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yippee! New furniture...

I am excited!  My new furniture arrived this morning :)

When I moved into my new house, the former occupants left furniture for me.  While it was nice and it was comfortable, I really wanted some new stuff of my own.  I went furniture shopping and found just the right stuff for me - you know how it is, not sure just what you're looking for, but when you see it, you just know it was meant for you!  I ordered it and set up this morning as the delivery date for them to bring it to me.

Well, I had to get rid of my old stuff first.  while I was going to put in on Craig's List or something, I thought I'd try Facebook first.  Little did I know that within 5 minutes of having it posted, it was sold!  Very nice to not have to worry about getting rid of it, but a little bit of an inconvenience to do without for almost 2 weeks.
That's ok, I improvised!  Just look at the fancy recliner I got to use in the meantime =)  I had just put away my lawn furniture, so I went out to the garage and brought one in the house.  It is comfy, but just not the same...
Just look at how great it looks now!  It totally changes the look of the whole room.  I LOVE it!
Now, I am just awaiting the arrival of my girlfriends for a fun day of scrapbooking =)  It just doesn't get much better than this!

Happy Scrappin'


  1. Your new furniture looks great! I like your quilted wall hanging, too. Very cozy and comfortable home you have. :-)

  2. Thanks Brenda! I love the wall hanging quilt, too. It is very special to me as my very favorite Aunt made it for me. Quilting is another hobby I would love to learn, but the scrapping and card making takes up all my spare time :)