Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

I guess I've been in a candy corn sort of mood this year.  Along with making another batch of my Candy Corn Cookies, I decided to make some Halloweeny cupcakes today, too!  Same idea, just with a cupcake...
They look pretty normal - until you cut into them (normally I would have just bit into it, but figured for a photo, I would cut it in half instead!  You're welcome!)  Doesn't it kind of remind you of a piece of candy corn?
Happy Scrappin'

Happy Mail and Happy Halloween!

Can I just say that I LOVE Happy Mail?!?  Look at what I received the other day...
OK, I guess I should really open it up so you can see the inside...
I can hardly wait to add photos!  Thank you so much to my not-so-Secret Sister, Sheri!  I LOVE IT!  (I may need to get the instructions on how to make it, as I am NOT tearing this one apart to find out how!)

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Card

Just look at the Happy Mail I received yesterday!  My Mom has gotten so creative - and is even using a Cricut now, can you believe it?  She claims she's not creative, but I certainly know differently!  Don't you agree?
Happy Scrappin'

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

Are you all heading out Trick or Treating?  If you are local, be sure to stop by my new house for a treat =)  Living in town now, I really have no idea just how many little spooks I might get, but I am looking forward to it!
Here are some of the treats I have cooked up for my goblins.  Sucker covers are simple to make, but they looks so cute.  I got bags of the caramel apple suckers and covered them.  Easy and fun!
Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cricut Banner

I created a few of these Cricut banners last month also.  I will show you this one that I made for myself using all retired papers. I even mixed and matched paper packs using the colors I wanted!  The others will have to wait until the recipients get theirs so I don't spoil the surprise!
I cut the banner shape out of chipboard using my new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.  It was so easy to cut the papers the same size and shape and they layered perfectly for me.  Then I made these super simple 'flowers,' scallop circles using the cricut, and stamped my letters.

So, so easy, but cute :)

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Studio J artwork

I was making some Studio J pages a while back and forgot that I never showed you this one (there were more, but since they are part of a swap, I don't want to spoil the surprise and show you those just yet). 
This is a super simple layout I made of our little Tyler man and his brother and sister.  So sorry for the glare and as always, just click on the photo to enlarge it.  The paper pack is an exclusive for Studio J members.  It really only took me about 10 minutes to create - and who says they don't have time to scrapbook??

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn

Halloween just would not be complete without candy corn.  I love it mixed with dry roasted peanuts - it tastes just like a Salted Nut Roll candy bar :)

While I was blog surfing, I can across these adorable cookies (did you notice them in yesterday's picture of the goodies on our table?)  They were just calling out to me, so of course I had to make them.  You can just use your favorite sugar cookie recipe for this (I won't type all of that out for you here, but if you want it, feel free to let me know as I certainly can do that for you :)
Once you have your sugar cookie dough made (or I guess you could really use the pre-made stuff from the store if that's what you desire) then just divide it into 3.  One you are just going to leave plain, one you will color yellow and the last one you'll color orange - you probably could have figured that much out yourself, huh?  Then, line a loaf pan (not too big) with Saran Wrap.  Then pat the white dough into the pan.  Get it all nice and patted down evenly.  Then layer the orange dough on top of that and get it all patted down.  Last, do the same with the yellow dough.  Each layer should be about 3/4 of an inch thick - roughly, no need to measure, it just all depends upon how big you want your cookies to be.  Refrigerate your dough (at least 1/2 to 1 hour but I left mine overnight as it was too late to finish them the other night).

Remove from frig and lift dough out of pan (see, I told you to line your pan with Saran Wrap - not only does it make it easier to pat it down, but easier to lift out).  Slice the dough into about 1/4" slices.  Then you are going to cut your triangle shapes as shown in the picture. Half of your candy corn pieces are going to be white on the bottom instead of the top, but if I hadn't told you that, you probably wouldn't have even noticed.
Put your candy corn shapes on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with sugar (the sugar is not necessary, but since they will not be frosted, I thought it might add a nice touch.  I just wish I would have had some of that fancy decorator sugar as it would have made them more sparkly.)  Also, since you will not be frosting these cookies, I added extra almond extract to my dough when I mixed it up just to add a little extra flavor.  Then bake cookies according to your recipe.
Done, easy, and oh so cute!
Speaking of candy corn, remember me telling you about my niece Kiana and her Cricut skills?  Well, she came home with me the other night and wanted to make another project.  We were very limited in our time, so this is what she created.  Isn't it adorable?  And it only took her a few minutes!  She was not into the picture-taking mood the other night, though, so no photo with her :)  I thought she was going to take it home with her, but the little stinker said, "I made it for you!"  What a sweetheart - she even wrote a little message on the back for me :)

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, October 24, 2011

BLT Dip and a Club Layout

I'm back and I have a bunch of stuff to show you - I am even going to sit here tonight and schedule a bunch of posts for the next week or so.  Hold on to your hats cuz here they come...

First of all, yesterday was my Scrapbooking Club Day - oh how I love those days :)  We had lots of treats (as you can see here).  My good friend Lynn once taught me that it's "All About the Food!"  hahaha
One of the things I made was a yummy BLT Dip (well, there's really no L in it, so maybe it should just be called BT Dip - LOL).

8 oz. sour cream
1 cup Miracle Whip
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 cup chopped tomatoes
Green onions for garnish

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate overnight.

It's good with Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Bagels...whatever you wish.  Now, I just have to say that I also added a bit of Onion, Onion from Tastefully Simple and it was yummy!

Since we don't only just eat at Club, I'll also show you the page the ladies created.  You have seen it before, as it's the one I created using the October Stamp of the Month, Holiday Magic.  It just looks so much better with pictures on it :)

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, October 17, 2011

Packers 24 - Rams 3

Oh my gosh!  What a great day yesterday was!  We scored tickets to the game.  I don't think we could have done better.  We  had a great view (of course, there are no bad seats at Lambeau Stadium).  We were in the sunshine all afternoon (and if you know our Wisconsin weather, it could have been awful - the wind gusts were 31 mph and it was about 54 degrees).  It was amazing watching the game at Lambeau.  I have been to games at the Dome in Minnesota, but this just does not even compare!

Then our beloved Packers won the game for us - Awesome!  I had a blast and can't wait to go back and do it again someday :)

I saved the pics for the end so if you are not into football, you can skip the rest of the post.  I do promise some artwork real soon, as you can see, I was a little too preoccupied to create lately.  Can you believe I never even gave it a thought to make a sign for the game?!?!  I'm not too keen on the throwback jerseys, but hey...I'm not gonna complain, I got to go to a game!
I'm sure I'll be using these photos plus lots more on some upcoming scrapbook pages :)

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lambeau Field

It just doesn't get any better than this...touring Lambeau Field with my friend Sandy.
Neither of us has ever been to Green Bay much less to a Packer game there.  Well, we are checking items off our bucket lists as we were there today and toured the stadium and went to the Hall of Fame.  It is absolutely awesome!  We are really hoping to score some tickets (can you say scalp) tomorrow for the game.  If not, we hope to get seats at Stadium View to watch the game.
We were so impressed with today, we are praying and keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow!  If we get in, I'm sure I'll have more pictures to share with you from the game...keep your fingers crossed for us!

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holiday Magic

Are you ready for some Holiday Magic?  How about some October Stamp of the Month "Holiday Magic" artwork?  I thought so...

This is what the fabulous October Stamp of the Month looks like.
And here are some of the things I did with this set...
I used the corrugated stars and just sprayed them with some water/reinker mix using our spray pen.
This card was cut out using the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge - love that thing :)  I used the spray pen on this baby, too-adding some pearl paint (although it's hard to see in the picture).  The whole front of the card is shimmery!
This card is pretty simple and straight forward - hey...gotta have some simple, too, right??  Notice how I used the top of the stocking stamp?  It is what the "Greetings" is stamped on.  He, he...gotta throw in a little outside-the-box thinking now and then :)
Speaking of outside-the-box thinking, don't you just love how I used the Christmas Tree shape on this stocking?  Did you even notice that it was a Christmas Tree??
Let me know and I will help you get your very own stamp set just for you...

Happy Scrappin'