Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another productive day

Yesterday was another very productive day around my place.  It was such a nice day and I really felt like going for a motorcycle ride, but instead, I was a good girl and got my back deck all stained.  Here is the 'before' picture.  (Yeah, once again, this was back when we had snow and before I actually owned the house, but still...)
And the 'after' - Another transformation at the new house - putting more of 'my' touch in it.
Then a touching moment when I went out to take a picture of the completed work.  Most of you (if you either know me or have been reading my blog for a while) know that I love dragonflies.  It all started when my daughter drew the one that I have tattooed on my ankle.  Since she's been gone, I have loved them even more and feel like when I see one, it's her way of saying 'hi' to me.  Sometimes when I'm out walking, I will have one follow along with me - sometimes for a mile or more.  I just feel close to her and feel like she's with me when that happens.  Well, imagine my surprise when I went to put a pot of flowers back up on the deck.  There was a dragonfly sitting there (granted, it was not a pretty colorful one, but still).  Not only that, but it sat on my finger, too.  That was just unusual, but once again, I felt like my Rhonda was there with me.  It was not afraid and did not fly away for a long time.  Now this was quite the accomplishment for me, too, because I don't like bugs on my.  It was hard not flicking it off me - they kind of stick to you and it tickled!  The other tough part was having it on my finger and trying to get the camera adjusted so I could take a photo - that's hard to do one-handed.  
All-in-all, it was a great day :)

Happy Scrappin'


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