Monday, May 9, 2011

Studio J artwork

Well, since I was at a Crop for the Cure on Saturday, I thought I would show you some of the artwork I got done there, but for a couple of reasons, I am going to have to put that off for a day or two.

Number one, yesterday was a miserable day for me.  Mother's Day is a tough day for me anyway, but this year it was extra tough.  I cried so much, my eyes just burned.  I also have not been sleeping well the last few nights, so I was really tired.  Yeah, I actually slept really well all night.  I woke up, but just lay in bed resting cuz it felt so good to lay there listening to the thunder and the rain.  I should have known...the doorbell then rang.  I was not expecting anyone today (at least not till about noon) so I popped out of bed to answer the door.  Good thing I did, it was the mudder (mud and taping the sheetrock that the carpenter put up last week).  He wasn't supposed to be here till tomorrow, but since it was raining, he came today.  It's a good thing, really.

I must have really looked a mess, as my eyes were crusted shut this morning.  I know, probably too much information for you :)  My eyes are still swollen, but I do feel much better.  It's amazing what sleep can do for you.

Now, the plumber is here to replace faucets and put in a shower for me.  These are all good things, but just put a kink in some of my plans.  I was also going to take pictures of my layouts from Saturday, but remember that thunder and rain I talked about?  Well, it doesn't make for very good pictures!  So...for now, I will show you the jpegs of my latest Studio J layouts I just made and got ordered.  I love, love, love the classic scrapbooking and actually playing with the paper and embellishments, but Studio J is so fun and easy, too.  I love it also. 

This last layout is actually the front page and the back page for my album.  See how easy?

Remember, you can try Studio J for free!  All you have to do is go to my website and click on the Studio J link.  It is free to use until you place your order.  If this is something that you think you will enjoy and use, I do suggest purchasing a membership-then you get your layouts for 1/2 price and also get free memory protectors and free shipping once per month!  What a deal!

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. Fabulous job on your Studio J layouts Tammy! Thanks for sharing.