Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Remember those hummingbirds I was watching yesterday morning while I was drinking my coffee?  Well let's just say that they are fascinating to watch!  Off and on all day every time I would walk by that patio door, I would see them out there.  I grabbed my camera a few different times throughout the day (and the sun even came out for a while) to try to get pictures, but those little buggers are so fast, it's tough to do.
I have a pair of hummers hanging around and watched as the female would sit on top of the Shepard's hook as the male drank nectar.  I have never seen that.  It continued to happen all day long (the female would drink, too, but it happened a lot that she sat up top).  Do you think I could get a picture of that?  NO!  I did get this one of her sitting up there, though.
Who'd a thunk that these little birds could hold my attention for so long?  Certainly not me, but I sure love having a place to be able to see them from my house now :)
Last weekend I just bought an oriole feeder.  I do not want to put it up yet as it attaches to my deck rail.  I am planning to get my deck stained this week (if the weather ever clears up nice) so I figured I'd put it up after I stain.  Well, I ended up putting the cup on the deck rail with some grape jelly in it to see if I can attract any orioles.  What surprised me last night on the rail but a bluejay!  Do they eat grape jelly, too?  If you know, please leave me a comment and let me know!  He surprised me, but I loved it!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's post for a project!  Yes, I did create a little yesterday and have another project in the works!  I have to get some pictures today as the sun is shining..well, ok, the sun isn't really shining, but at least it's not raining right now :)

Happy Scrappin'

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