Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Canvas Make-overs

You may or may not remember these canvases I made a while ago (depending on how long you've been looking in on my blog).
Now that I have moved, and made this fun new sign welcoming everyone to my scrap room, the canvases just did not match.  I was wondering what to do with them when my Mom (thanks Mom) suggested that I just re-do them to match.  Well, of course she would say that!?!  Not being one to waste anything or throw out something that is still perfectly good, I decided I would do just that.  The paper used is retired now, but between my stash, a sheet from Mom, and that of a friend (thanks Liz) I had plenty for a do-over!  I also just had to change the color of a few flowers and then I was good to go.
They do match the sign perfectly now and are gracing my stairway heading downstairs to my scraproom.
Have a home-decor project you need help with?  Just let me know, I have lots of ideas floating around in my noggin :)

Happy Scrappin'


  1. Great Job!!! Now PLEASE come and decorate my house!!!! You are so talented and I LOVE your decorating style!!!

  2. These canvases are just awesome! What a wonderful greeting as you walk downstairs. Thanks for sharing!