Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The rest of our Vegas weekend

OK, here we are for the rest of our Vegas weekend.

Saturday, we took a drive out to Red Rock Canyon.  We were there last year when we went out to Vegas, but it is so beautiful, we had to go again (and hey, it's only about a 1/2 hour out of town, so what the heck...it's better than wasting our time gambling money away :)  This time out there, we had decided we were going to climb to the top of a mountain!
We made it to the top!  It was pretty tricky in a few places (alright, actually scary once or twice) but we did it!  A few times we would stop and look up, look down, and make a decision.  One time we were going to quit because we didn't know if we could do it.  After looking up and seeing how close we were, we had to go for it!  See all those cars down there?  Ours was parked waaaay down there, too!
Here is the view off the other side.  We could see the whole strip (really it's there...look close).  It sure doesn't look very big from up there.  Here it is zoomed in for you.
See what looks like a profile of a face right about in the middle?  We were on top of that.
Here is another picture of the same place only taken from the ground so you can see what we had to climb.  It was work (we were exhausted), but it was so worth it!  I am so glad that I lost the weight I have or I would never have been able to accomplish this!
Sunday, I really have no pictures to show you.  We got up, had to be checked out of our room by 11:00, put our suitcases in the car, and proceeded to the Sports Book to watch the Packer/Bear game.  I even placed a bet on the game (we were in Vegas, you know).  I knew we weren't going to be able to see the whole game as we had to head to the airport.  We did get to watch the first 3 quarters.  Yeah, my Packers were ahead!  We cut it as close as we could before we had to leave.  We got to the airport just in the nick of time (I think there were only about 5 people that boarded the plane after us!)  The game was over by that point, but YEAH, THE PACKERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!

A funny from Sunday...as we were getting our seats in the Sports Book getting ready to watch the game, Dale saw a couple and said to me, "That looks like your cousin Jason."  Yeah, right, like we'd actually run into someone we knew out there!  Well, sure enough, it was my cousin and his wife.  They were even staying in the same hotel as us!  It just goes to show you that it really is a Small World!

Goodbye, Las Vegas.  I am sure we'll be back to visit you again...
Happy Scrappin'

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