Friday, January 14, 2011

More Secret Sister goodies at my doorstep

I came home from vacation to find another package awaiting my arrival.  It was from my Secret Sister this time.  Just look at all the goodies she sent me!
I can hardly wait for the next package to arrive, although, in a way, I don't want it to come.  Let me explain.  This is the last month for our Secret Sister project.  The last package that arrives will announce who my Secret Sister is.  I can't wait for that part, but at the same time, I don't want it to end!

The good part about it ending, is that I will be able to finally show you some of the items that I sent to my Secret Sister.  Up until then, I just can't do it in case she peeks in at my blog...that would give the secret away, now wouldn't it?

Remember to take a peek at yesterday's post.  I am giving away some blog candy to the person that leaves a comment correctly guessing what it is that I did on my vacation.  I will show you pictures of it even, but not until Monday.  That gives you a couple of days to try to figure it out :)

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. Hi Tammy! Yes, your Secret Sister does peek at your blog! Thank you so much, you are a very sweet sister. Hope to see you soon!!! Jen Lee