Friday, April 2, 2010

Picture Keeper

Today's post is going to tell you all about backing up your photos.  Are you like me...take tons of pictures and download them to your computer?  I do that very well-I even get them off my camera in a timely manner-I have to so I can keep sharing pictures with you :)  The problem I have is backing them up.  I have even purchased a little external hard drive to save them on (waaaaayyyyy too many to burn them on cd's).  The problem with that is that every time I go to back up, I can't remember what is already on there and what isn't.  It is also a pain in the "you know what!"  OK, maybe I am just lazy, but I don't think I am alone in this one (be honest here...)

I came across this amazing new product (well, new to me anyway).  It is just a little jump drive (ok, the one I purchased is much bigger, but I truly have TONS of photos on my computer!)  It is the easiest to use that I have ever found!  I can't say enough about it!  Just plug it in, it will scan your computer for all your pictures, and then it will save them for you.  You can also sign up for a reminder email and they will remind you about once per month that it's time to back-up your pictures again.  How easy is that.  The really cool part is that the next time you plug it in, it will only scan for new pictures on your computer.  Amazing!

Another cool thing, is that when you go to their website they even have a little thing set up on there so you can figure out which one of their products you need to purchase (it will figure out how much space your pictures are taking up on your computer and tell you which size you will need.)  Simple.

OK, enough of that commercial!  I really just wanted to share a simple new product that I found that will make my life so much easier!

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. These are fabulous tools. We sell them at Archiver's and people love them!