Monday, April 26, 2010

American Pickers

Have you ever watched that show on the History Channel?  My husband and his brother have really gotten into watching it.  My husband even sort of considers himself a picker when it comes to tractors/parts...well, John Deeres anyway.  The show is all about these two guys, Mike and Frank, that work their way around the country's backyards, basements, garages, junkyards, etc. looking for extraordinary finds.  Then it's all about getting something for less than it is worth.

Ok, so fast forward to last Friday.  My husband and I took off for LeSueur, MN for a huge swap meet full of tractor parts.  People from all over the country come to this one as it is so large and has over 1000 vendors.  I went along for the ride just for the fun of it.  Dale ended up buying 2 things there (spent a ton of money on those 2 items) but did get a good deal on both of them.  He got what he went in search of and saved some money along the way.  What a great "picker" he was.

Then, on our way back through the town of LeSueur on our way home, they had dozens and dozens of garage sales.  Now, I am normally not a garage saler.  I love to shop at them if I am looking for something in particular, but otherwise, I just usually don't go to them.  I guess I must have been in the "picking" mood because I asked if we could stop at a couple of sales.  Sure, no problem-and with so many to choose from, we were in heaven.  I was really looking for 2 different items...a folding wood table of some sort for in our camper by the couch and some folding chairs for my craft room (the card table chairs are alright, but I was looking for something a little better).

The first place we stopped at had my folding wooden table for the camper.  It was in perfect shape and I even bargained on the price, getting it for almost half of what they were asking for it!  Then a couple of sales later, I was wandering around and Dale pointed out the chairs sitting there.  They were like chairs that go with your dining room table.  I sat in one and said they were nice, but I was looking for something more portable.  That's when the owner piped up and said that they fold.  Imagine my surprise.  She was asking $20 for all 4 chairs (a deal in itself) but since I was in that "picking" mood, I offered her $10.  We ended up settling on $12 for the 4 chairs.  What a bargain!  Don't they look good?  They are already in my craft room and waiting for my next class!
Are you a picker, too?  Normally I am not, but I had a fun little adventure with my husband that day.  We got home later that night and we were both exhausted.  All that fresh air and walking wore us out, we sure slept good that night.

Happy Scrappin'

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