Friday, March 12, 2010

Paperback flowers

Yesterday we were out and about in the rain. It was a good day, though. We picked up our new camper. Now we are really excited for summertime to get here so we can start using it. The only trouble is that we have so many summertime hobbies that there never seems to be enough summer for us.Know of anyone looking for a good used camper? If so, let us know as we are looking to sell the old one. It is not new (I think it's a 1987) but it is in really good shape, especially the inside! I can send pictures to anyone interested.

Then, of course, I had to do a little creating after we got home. I made some of these really cool paper flowers that are all the rage right now. I will even give you the step-by-step instructions to make them. First of all, pick out an old book that you can cut apart. I went to the book shelf to find one, but you could also go to the local thrift store to find one cheap. I kind of liked the aged look to the pages in this book. Just look out for some of those 'trashy' novels!Tear some pages out of your book. You are going to use a flower shaped punch. I like to use my punches upside-down so I can see right where I am punching. Watch out for any "naughty" words! Take a light tan or brownish colored ink and ink up your flowers (I used CTMH Bamboo). I also just turned my ink pad upside down and rubbed the ink directly on the flowers. No need to be careful about it, just get them inked a little.Next, use a sponge dauber and ink up the edges in a darker brown color (I used CTMH Chocolate). Again, no need to be real precise.Then stack up about 3 flowers and use a paper piercer to poke a hole in the middle. Attach them together with a brad. Now the fun part...start with the top layer and scrunch it up, then scrunch the middle layer and the bottom layer. Then you just need to un-scrunch the layers a little. There you have it! Easy Peasy! Some of the flowers I made I used the bigger brads and left them as is. Some of them I used the bitty brads and then used a glue dot to add a button to the center of the flower (right on top of the bitty brad).Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I did with these flowers...

Happy Scrappin'


  1. and this rocks too! i can't wait to make these flowers. i even wrote them down on my "to do" list..... that's serious!

  2. I've been meaning to try them for quite a while and finally just did it! They are so easy, but I love them. I want to see your when you get them done!