Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Video Tutorial-A File Folder/Notebook Holder

Here is the video I was working on. I guess I have not learned enough yet about You Tube to get it put on there, too. Maybe next time. I am learning so much...don't push me :)

I am just pretty pleased that I was even able to actually get it to post on my blog!!

I guess this is just another reason for me to make yet another video-so that I can continue to practice what I am learning. Please feel free to leave a comment below (or email me) to let me know how I can make videos better for you or what you would like to see.

Now go check out Lynn's blog to see the originals that she taught us. You can easily use the cute patterned file folders so you don't even have to cut all that paper to the folder. Even easier!

Happy Scrappin'

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