Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My beautiful new necklace

As this is being posted, we are in the air on our way to Vegas for a fabulous Valentine's Weekend (I love technology in that I can schedule a couple of posts for while I am away...if it works!)I just have to show you the beautiful new necklace I got last night. See, I was surfing some blogs and came across a wonderful website with necklaces such as this on it. I was scoping them out and figuring out what I wanted. Meanwhile, I had my scrapping weekend with my girlfriends. I was talking about these necklaces and my friend Leslie told me that her nephew's wife makes them. After getting her information and a few emails back and forth, I got my necklace last night. It is just what I wanted! (Here I am doing my best Price is Right imitation - LOL!)Kori did a fabulous job in making me exactly what I wanted. It truly is a custom piece of jewelry that is just what I wanted. Thank you so much, Kori! I love it!! Here is Kori's website if you are interested in something of your own. I am sure she can set you up with what you are after. Just tell her Tammy sent you.A special thanks to Kori's hubby, too! Kori really wanted me to get my new piece as soon as possible and they really went out of their way to do just that. Her husband was coming through town on his way home from work and was going to stop in with it. The trouble was, I wasn't going to be home. I was going to be at my niece's basketball game (Great game, Congrats on the win, Sam!) He stopped at the school and hand delivered it to me. Talk about service! I am very impressed.

Happy Scrappin'

ps-Don't forget to leave comments with what you like or don't like about my blog to be entered to win some fabulous hand crafted item from me!


  1. Tammy, the necklace is truely awesome, as awesome as the person wearing it! I will check out the website! Hope you have a good time and win BIG!!!

  2. What a beautiful necklace, Tammy! Oddly enough, I just had three made for my sister and her two daughters! Wish I had had the name you got so I could have thrown the business to someone you know even if it's a "sort of" acquaintance. I found mine on Etsy. Anyway, I have given one to one niece, but need to mail the other two so this has jogged my memory that I NEED TO DO THAT! They are such wonderful charms and I'm so glad you have Tony's and Rhonda's with those beautiful angel wings and the middle charm - with you always, just like they are! God bless you.