Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Grand Canyon

If you have never been out to see the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend it to everyone! It truly is a sight to see. You drive for what seems like forever through a lot of nothing to get there, but it is really worth it. I was in awe the whole time.We went to the South Rim which is at about 7300-7500 feet elevation. The North Rim is about 1000 feet higher, but is pretty much closed during the winter months. We would have loved to have hiked to the bottom of the canyon down by the river, but that alone is a day long hike. We could go back and spend a whole week just at the Grand Canyon. Maybe another time...
I know I am uploading a ton of pictures today, but they are all so beautiful, I just can't decide which ones to show you.Then, if you think picking out pictures is a chore, I can't decide which paper pack to use to scrapbook this trip either. Decisions, decisions...
On the way back to Vegas from the Grand Canyon (about a 5-6 hour drive) we decided to take the Historic Route 66 part of the way.This pretty much concludes my vacation photos. I'll be back again tomorrow with the simple instructions for another mini album for you.

Happy Scrappin'

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  1. Tammy, isn't the Grand Canyon breath-taking? We took the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams to the Grand Canyon. What a lovely trip!! Your pictures brought me back to our trip in 2004. So many papers to choose from, right?