Monday, February 22, 2010

An easy Mini Album for you

While I do have some Grand Canyon photos to share with you yet, I thought I would share some artwork with you first. Here is a cute little mini album that you can create for yourself. I even came up with some simple instructions for you to do so. I did use up some retired papers on this one, so they are not available anymore, sorry.First of all, you start out with a 9x12 piece of cardstock. Score it at 3", 6", and 9". Then turn it vertically and score it at 4 1/2". Cut it from the 3" score to the 9" score marks (the green line in the photo).Then crease all your score lines and unfold again. You want to make some good sharp creases. Fold it in half hot dog style and then push it together to form an "X". Then fold it into a book. You will have to re-crease your folds and make them sharp.Decorate your pages as desired and add a ribbon closure if you wish. Viola - finished - easy!Happy Scrappin'

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