Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dry Erase Board

Today is the day that we all get together for Art Day. The best part is that we get to find out who our Secret Sister was...the big reveal! Or maybe the best part is the creating we will be doing. Or else the other best part is just plain getting together with my "sista's." Or is the best part the food? You see, I love it all...

Here is what I created the other day for my Secret Sister. Anna, I hope you have enjoyed all your little gifties as much as I have enjoyed making them for you. Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret-and my post office did nothing to help that out either! (That's a whole separate story that I won't go into here :) Stay tuned and I will show you what I receive from my Secret Sister.

Please excuse the glare, but the photo I took without the flash just did not do it justice. As always, click on the picture to see a close up if you want to.This dry erase board just started out as an ordinary picture frame (get them on sale cheap wherever you can find them-I think this one was only about $2.00 at Menard's). You just make your 'layout' for inside whatever you want it to be (I used our Notebook papers in mine). Put it in the frame and include a dry erase marker (I attached mine with a little bit of self-stick velcro). That's all there is to it. So easy and you can personalize them to fit anyone. Let me know if you make one of your own and send me a picture or a link to a picture so that I can see it. I love to see everyone else's artwork, too!

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home Makeover-Tammy Style

Here is the fruits of my labor over the last couple of weeks. I think I have told you how much I dislike painting...well, these walls got more than one paint job! I painted the walls and then tried the rag rolling technique on them. I truly hated them, but I left them alone for a little over a week thinking that just maybe they would grow on me. NOT! As much as I do not like to paint, I figured as long as the outlet covers were off and the walls were bare of decorating items, I would go buy some more paint (because that is cheap these days!?) and re-do it all again.I am so much happier with it now! I actually really like it a lot!No, the wallpaper border is not crooked, it's just that it's hard to try to get pictures of a narrow hallway without it looking crooked!I have ideas in my head for the artwork that will adorn the stairway walls. You'll just have to wait to see what I come up with for that...

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Mail

I love happy mail! I just have to show you what showed up in my mailbox the other day...I received this beautiful card from a high school classmate of mine. It is a fun fold card. I will have to try this one out for myself!Then look at the necklace she also sent. I love it!I have not had the chance to sit down and talk with Becky for many years, but definitely think we need to get together one of these days. Thank you so much, Becky!

She says in her card that I am one of the strongest women she knows. Well, let me tell you...I don't know about that. We have been through so very much in the last year and a half, but without all the friends and family that we have surrounding us, I know that we would not be doing so well. With all the thoughts and prayers headed our way, how could we not be doing well? I really want to take this time to thank you all for the love and support! Without all of you, I would not be doing so well! So, thank you all!

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Veranda artwork

Today's swap artwork comes from my friend Rachel. She did a beautiful job using the Veranda paper pack.

She has added our flip flaps to the layout, attaching them with buttons tied with hemp.Look at these beautiful cards! Rachel used liquid glass over the umbrella, stamped directly on one of our paper flowers, and used some of our clear topcoats overlays (the Congrats). How creative is she? I love it!I really need to say thank you to all the swappers this time around. I have received some beautiful artwork and really appreciate all the work they have put into them. I love to swap-I think I may just be addicted to it! :o)

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caboodle Artwork

Here is some cool artwork using the new Caboodle paper pack from my friend Sheri.Once again, I have to say this was not one of my favorites, but now that I have seen artwork donw with it, I have changed my mind (it's a woman's prerogative, you know...)Sheri has used the new tiny tabs, soft set eyelets, and felt die cuts. I love it!

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Rock!

Boy, I'm getting to the posting a little late today. Sorry about that. We got a text message from some friends of ours last night a little after 8:00. We went to town to meet up with them and have a late supper and ended up not getting home until really late! It was so much fun to catch up with them as we haven't done that in years. That just means that I am getting up and getting going later than usual today. Oh well, it was all in fun!

On to the artwork...My friend Liz created these pages and cards using the new You Rock paper pack. Aren't these colors just beautiful? So bright and bold! I absolutely love the guitar with the waxy flax strings. Now who couldn't use this page for pictures of your kids playing Guitar Hero??Happy Scrappin'

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Topstitch artwork

Here is some more Topstitch artwork-this time created by my friend Kim.

Kim used some real sewing on her pages. This just makes me want to get my sewing machine out and try it for myself. I love that look. We have stamp sets that leave you with that look, and I've used them and love them, but I think I want to try the real thing, too!Kim also used lots of embellishments. I also love that! Great work, Kim! Thank you!Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Veranda artwork

Well, I have been busy painting again around my house, but it is not going as well this time around. Arrrggghhh!! I tried the rag rolling technique and do not like the way it turned out at all! I think I will leave it for a couple of days and see if it grows on me or not. If not, I will be painting over it...again! Just what I need when I don't like to do it in the first place! Oh well, better to do it now when the mess is created than to have to do it all again later after I've got everything picked up and put away again!

So, since I have not been creating myself lately (at least not with paper), I will be showing you some of the swap artwork I received in the mail. The next few days will be chock full of artwork, so stay tuned...
The first of the artwork comes from Kelly. She used the Veranda paper pack and coordinating products. Didn't she do a great job?Sorry about the coloring on the photos. I didn't realize until after I had downloaded all the pictures that my camera was still on the setting for fluorescent lighting from my niece's basketball game. It was so much work taking all the layouts and cards out of their clear bags and taking all the photos, that you are just going to have to look at photos that the coloring is a bit off-sorry!

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home redecorating and wall art

Remember when I said I had to take a little creative break to get some work done around the house? Well, here are a couple pictures of some of that work. I completely re-did a bedroom in the house. We now have a spare room in case anyone wants to come and stay with us. This is what the walls looked like "before".
I painted in that room and then got to shop for some new wall decor. I put these letters on a tile and hung it up on the wall. I like the way it turned out.
I got this from my sister for Christmas. Love it! Everything all goes so well together!Then I got a little creative. Close To My Heart came out with this fun new Topstitch paper. It goes so well with my blue and brown/tan room. I found these letters at Bargain Bill's (anyone local to me knows where this place is). I covered them with the Topstitch papers. I love it!Just let me know when you're coming to stay...

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Planner and some frost

What a beautiful morning. It is about 20 degrees out and a little foggy. Everything is covered in frost. I even had to go outside and snap a couple of pictures. Isn't it gorgeous? I do love having all 4 seasons where we live in Wisconsin (not that I don't think winter gets too long :)
I will also share with you the cover of my 2010 Planner. I live by this thing. My life is in here. I do not plan a thing without consulting my planner. I love having one place where my life is organized.Happy Scrappin'

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friends 3 Ring Binder Album

I'm back...I am so sorry for the lack of posting last week. I was so sick that I could hardly function. I did not move off the couch for 2 days. I was starting to worry that I was not going to be able to go for the weekend. Me and my girlfriends from work had planned a scrapbooking weekend together. I was so excited about it (not only for the scrapping, but for the friendship and girl's time away). I would have really cried if I had not been able to go. Luckily, I was better by the weekend and able to go...Yippee!

We had so much fun, it was crazy. I got a fair amount done (not as much as I would have liked, but we had a great time). We always do when we get together. I even had a project planned for them to do. We all made a 3 Ring Binder Album.Aren't we all just adorable showing off our work? (Hint: Answer, Yes!) LOLHere are a few more pictures of the album we made. If you would like to make one for yourself, just let me know and I will get you the supplies and instructions needed to make it (you can use which ever paper pack you would like). Total cost of the project was $15.00.

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Topstitch Easel Card

Here is a cute little card I made using the Topstitch papers and the Smiles stamp set. It is an easel card. They are really pretty easy to make. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make them. I am working on that-next week I will post the directions for you. (At least I hope by next week I am feeling better-I have a nasty cold that has had me out of commission for 2 days!)

Happy Scrappin'