Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas stocking money holders

Do you give money or gift cards to anyone for Christmas? Well, this year I am doing just that for my nieces. Well, they are getting presents, too, but since they are leaving for Disney the day after Christmas, they need a little spending money, too! I am actually 'patiently' waiting for their Disney Dollars to arrive. When they do, I'll be putting them in their stockings!I saw these on Vickie's blog and decided I needed to make some, too. Hers were smaller (for a gift card) but I just made mine bigger to hold money. I didn't even use the "pattern" I just drew it up myself. All you need to do is when you put the patterned paper on the front, leave the top without adhesive to make a pocket to slide the money in. Easy, peasy!Happy Scrappin'

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