Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remembering Tony...

Twenty four years ago today we brought our wonderful little Tony into this world. One year ago today we lost him in that horrible card accident.

Today is a day full of emotions for us. Lots of remembering and tears.

Your tractor is still sitting in the barn. Dad brought it to Clayton to pull it in you and Rhonda's Memorial Class. It ran, but not as well as when you ran it. He also brought it to Osceola and pulled it-remember pulling it there? You had so many hooks with that tractor-many years worth. You started pulling when you were just 7 years old-hard to believe. You were a seasoned veteran when you were still a punk kid!We also got your car running good now. A new motor and a little work to it and it is doing well. Dad took it out for a drive the other day. Maybe today I can get a little ride in it, too!We have so many wonderful memories of you, Tony! I could go on all day... We are missing you like crazy, but know you are in a wonderful place. Please take good care of your sister up there, too (as I know you are-you always did...except when you were picking on her!)

We love you bud,


  1. (((HUGS))) Tammy!! Hoping you and your family are doing ok and remembering all the good times. Tony (and Rhonda) are surely missed by many!!

  2. Tammy - you have gone through so much this past year. My heart was aching as I read on your blog today about the loss of both your daughter and your son. I cannot imagine your grief.

    Just wanted to write and say that I am sorry for your losses. But also to say that you are obviously a very strong person to be able to handle all that you have been dealing with. It was so good to read that you were still able to attend Leadership, and enjoy time with your CTMH friends.