Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A few cards for you...

I'll tell you what, life just gets too busy sometimes. I wish I were still off work and able to be in my craft room creating away again. Sorry to say, that is not the case lately. I have got a few cards to show you, though. These were from a couple of parties I did in the last couple of weeks. Thank you's go out to my swapping friends.

The first 2 are pretty much copied from theirs-just a few changes to fit my needs. I love scraplifting :) This birthday card should look a little familiar to you. It is the same pattern that I used on my Moon Doggie card a few weeks back. It is the pattern that I got from Tina (thank you!)Well, it's off to my basement now to finish up some swap cards..hopefully I'll have a photo for you later. (I suppose I should make some supper for my family first...can't they fend for themselves? I am busy creating! :)

Happy Scrappin'


  1. They CAN fend for themselves! After all, this is your JOB, right? Priorities, girl! Seriously, I love the cards, and am looking forward to seeing your swap cards. I used to do those -- back when I didn't have two full-time jobs...guess I need to get MY priorities back in order, eh? Beautiful stuff, Tammy, and in person they're even more amazing. I love reading this blog, too...

  2. I forgot to say that I'm excited about getting my order tomorrow (Thursday)! So are the others who are getting their goodies!