Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parent's Night

Sorry ladies, there's not been much going on around here lately (at least not creatively). I have been extremely busy, just not in the crafty way. We are getting ready to leave the country on a cruise for a week, so I've been getting everything ready for our daughter while we are away (no she is not coming with this time). This will be the 4th trip I've taken in so many months-I love it! This time I am even taking my husband with me :)

Hopefully y'all get some scrappin' done while I am gone, as I know I won't be doing it. As much as I love it, I also love the sunshine and beaches!

Last night we were at the school all evening. First we ate a wonderful meal provided by the Spanish Club. They are earning money for a trip to Costa Rica. We try to help out where we can. Then it was up to the boys basketball game. Rhonda is a cheerleader and I had to work in the concession stand last night. I was able to take a little break from the concession stand as it was Parent's Night last night, too. We stayed till the end of the game and then headed to the Commons for cinnamon rolls. They always have the best cinnamon rolls for the parents on Parent's Night. Gotta love that!Until later,

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