Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting ready to cruise...

Well, we are down to the wire-we've got to finish packing today as we are leaving tonight! We are so excited, we can hardly stand it (we go through this every time we go on vacation).

Here is a layout that I use to put on our door of our stateroom. I saw some other people do that one year and decided that we also needed to do it.
I also put a little note pad up on the door so people can leave us a message if they wish. We are going with friends of ours (Hi Jerry and LuAnn) and it's nice to be able to leave each other little messages if we want. The ship is only so big, but you'd be surprised how big when you are trying to find someone.

These little conveniences for us have also turned out to be business promotors for me in the past (hey, that's always a good thing). I have had scrapbookers leave me messages about the layout wondering about the products used, etc. I leave a message for them in return and leave a business card out for them to take. How cool is that?

Happy Scrappin' everyone,

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