Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are back to the cold weather of Wisconsin

Wow, it is cold here. We want to be back in Florida with the warm sunshine, palm trees, fresh oranges and tangerines, and the beach. It was so much fun, but also a lot to pack in to a very short time. We were only allowed a few short days out of school with all those kids, so we tried to do it all. I think we succeeded!

We did all four Disney Parks, Downtown Disney, a fresh fruit stand, and then off to Cocoa Beach for a day before heading home. I think we all loved the beach as much or more than the parks just because it was so relaxing. The weather was perfect...until we got off the plane in Minneapolis and into the cold. It was 1 degree there but by the time we got home it was -8 degrees. What a wake up!

Here we are at Epcot:And Magic Kingdom:
And here's the whole group in front of some wonderfully landscaped flowers at Magic Kingdom:I have a bunch of new pictures to get scrapped now, I better get downstairs and get going on them :) I have a bunch of new artwork photos to show you in the next few days, too, so stay tuned...

Happy Scrappin'

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