Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanks Secret Sister!

On New Year's Eve I came home from work to find a package awaiting me from my Secret Sister. Would you like to see what I got this time? Well here it is...
Isn't that great? She sent me some envelopes (what card maker doesn't need those?), a stamped note cube (always need those for leaving those notes to my family), two altered Chapsticks (one for me and one for my daughter), some Dove Mint Caramel dark chocolates (now everyone needs chocolate), and a wonderful coaster frame calendar done up in one of my favorite paper packs-It's a Guy Thing (now just to put a picture on the other side of it).

My Secret Sister spoils me and I am looking forward to next month so I get my last gift from her and find out who she is. The only bad part about that is that then it will be done. I so look forward to doing our Secret Sister gifty swap because I LOVE gifts (I think I may have mentioned that a time or two on here :)

Speaking of gifts, my friend Leslie at work also had a little gift for me. I opened it up when I got home from work on Wednesday and had a few tears when I did. I love it! Look what I got from her. It's a tear drop to be worn in memory of someone loved. The rose is a symbol of love that never ends. Isn't it beautiful? You can bet I'll be wearing it! Thanks Les!!

It's off to scrap today for me :) Until later...

Happy Scrappin'

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