Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our new family member

We have a new family member in our house. I know, I know, I said no more and once our Punkin was gone, that it! No more pets! I guess my daughter and husband had sad puppy-dog eyes and made me cave. Well, really I felt sorry for little Barney. Here's the story...
One day when Rhonda and Dale were delivering hay to someone, they came home with a mamma cat and her kitten. Well, that was just fine with me as we really did need a mouser or two out in the barn. That was worked out great for a couple of months...until last weekend. While they were out loading up a big load of hay, the mamma cat got run over. Here's the part where I felt sorry for little Barney. He lost his mamma. Now who wouldn't feel bad for the little guy. He is so friendly and cuddly. (Yes, these are some of the things I heard from Dale and Rhonda.) Well, I caved and let him in the house last weekend.

Now, if we can just get him litterbox trained. It is going well, I think we've done it. I did say that if that didn't happen, he was going back out! He is so snuggly, in fact he's sleeping on my lap now as I post this to my blog. We just have to reassure the other cat that we still love him, too :)

I have been busy working downstairs and I promise, I will post pictures of the swap I am finishing before I mail it out (either later today or tomorrow).

Happy Scrappin'

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