Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time for more artwork!

I know, you're probably thinking, "It's about time!"  Well, I've been busy and life just happens :)

I happen to have a snow day (more about this later) from work today, so I figured I'd get some pictures taken of all this artwork that's been sitting here just waiting for me.  Now that's done so I can start posting them for you! 

Here is some artwork that I created using the new Footloose paper pack.  I just love the beach and had a lot of fun creating this layout.

Here are a couple of cards.  Don't you just love the shaker card?  It was fun to create.
Then I came up with a recipe card, too.  I have not made this recipe yet but my girlfriends at work have and said it was really good :)
Now, about this snow day...I really did try to go to work, really, I did!  I made it about 15 miles from home (it is about 55 miles to work one way) and the roads were so bad (main highways were not even plowed) so I decided to turn around and head back home.  That alone took me about 50 minutes!  Once I got home, I decided I may as well start blowing the driveway.  We had about 10-12 inches of snow at that point and it was still coming down!  By the time I got done with the driveway, we had gotten about another 2 inches!  I will have to go back out later to do another round, but at least I got that much taken care of.  After the snowplow went by, I had about 4 feet of snow at the end of my driveway!  Wow, we haven't had much of a winter so far, but I guess it's catching up with us now.  Oh well, it's a good day to stay in and create!

Happy Scrappin'

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