Monday, November 8, 2010

It is Secret Sister time again!

This was a very busy weekend for me.  Saturday was spent getting a tattoo.  Now don't think differently of me or pre-judge me because I have a tattoo, it is in honor of my children and I love it.  Here is a what I got.  I drew it up (and I can't draw well) and then brought it in to that a
There were a bunch of us girls that went together to get tats.  What a girl's day out that was!  I figured I would either be brave because I was with the girls, or I would cry my eyes out because I was with the girls.  I am proud to say that I was brave.  I think I had it in my head that it was going to be a lot worse than it was.  It was actually my second tattoo, but the other one is on my ankle and that didn't hurt at all.  This one on my lower back, I thought would be a lot worse, but it wasn't.  Of course, I think it helped that the kids were there with my in spirit sitting on my shoulder helping me out!

I got a dragonfly on my ankle a few years ago and now I am more thankful than ever that I did.  My daughter drew it and colored it and the tattoo artist copied her drawing and inked me.  Now I will forever have a piece of Rhonda's art with me.
I came home from that to a wonderful package awaiting me.  My Secret Sister had sent me a box full of goodies.  It started with a beautiful card for me and some great tasting cookies (I would love to have the recipe-hint, hint!)

Then there were these fabulous cards.  Just look at the detail in them and the matching envelopes, too!
Also, was a gorgeous kleenix box cover handcrafted out of the same Olivia paper pack.
Thank you Secret Sister!  I just loved my package and can't wait till the next one arrives!

I have made goodies for my Secret Sister, too, but I will have to wait to show you the pictures in case she is looking at my blog!  I promise, come January after our big reveal day, I will show you all the treats I have sent to her, too!

Sunday was a day spent shopping with my Mom, Sister, and nieces.  What a great day it was!  I look forward to this day every year.

Happy Scrappin'

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