Monday, March 8, 2010

A fun weekend

What a great weekend I had! Lots of creating going on around here...but of course, nothing totally finished for me to show you yet. Hopefully later today or tomorrow morning I will be able to do that!

Saturday was a fun day meeting some ladies I did not really know. We did the textured cardstock workshop with the layout and cards I showed you. I had a great day with these ladies and hope to be seeing a lot more of them! They were fabulous! Thank you!

Then Sunday was a day of fun with a couple of my CTMH Sista's...we had planned to do some creating, but of course, I think it was more gabbing and catching up than anything! We did a little tour of my town (ok, that took all of 5 minutes :) Lynn has posted a ton of pictures of our little adventure on her blog. Hop on over there to check it out! Of course, she was the photographer of the day, so she's the one with all the pictures.I did learn a new project from Lynn. Be watching (hopefully this week) for instructions on how to do that. I have to go shopping (oh, I feel so bad about that!?!?) to pick up a few supplies first. Then I will have step-by-step instructions for you to go along with it!

Until later-Happy Scrappin'

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