Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you card swap

Since I am not working today (the last of our mandatory days off-boo hoo, I will miss these) it is a day of trying to play catch up around here after the crazy week I had again. It sounds as if every time I am on the afternoon shift, they will shut our line down on Friday and we will have to double back and come in on days that day. It sounds awful, but really, it gets us out of there on Friday nights. In the long run, I think it will save me a lot of vacation days. Plus, now instead of rotating shifts every 2 weeks, we will work 4 weeks of days then 2 weeks of afternoons. That really won't be so bad-just a little harder to keep track of is all. No wonder I keep my planner handy at all times.

I have shown you my planner before, but for you newcomers, here it is again. I always use the 9x9 calendar from Close To My Heart. I love that each day has enough space for me to write what I need in it (plus I frequently use the left side of the page for notes also. I can't survive without my planner. Usually each week gets totally filled up. I love it!Here are the swap cards I received the same day as the layouts. I just didn't have time to take pictures of everything all at once. I already showed you my card, so here are the rest of them.KateKellyLynnSheriAnd our over-achiever of the month, Rachel. She also sent us the template for making this uniquely folded card.Enjoy your day and Happy Scrappin'


  1. Oh my goodness, I love your calendar/planner and am adding it to my next CTMH shopping list! What a great idea!!

  2. Thanks so much, Christina. I get one every year and make a layout for the cover. The inside I stamp all up (the first year I tried to layer paper and such in it, but it just got too thick then). I have my life in this thing-all my appointments, personal and CTMH. I say keep it all in one place, then my family also knows where to look to keep up with what's going on. It works great-plus it's a great conversation starter when you take it with you (to hair appts, dr., etc.)

  3. Oh, Tammy! I love that planner! Can you believe in all this time I have never seen one so well? It is great! I wil have to order one soon so that I can put it together for next year. In fact, that would make some awesome Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  4. I do suggest putting a page protector over the covers, though. I just cut the side of the 9x9 protector off with my paper trimmer (the side with the binding on it) then it fits right over the covers. Works like a charm and keeps your 'layout' protected.

    I love sharing my ideas as much as I love seeing everyone else's ideas, too!