Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tractor Pulling in Roberts

What a busy week-as you probably already guessed as I haven't posted anything all week. I am sorry, but had lots going on. I am back to work now, remember, my time is a lot shorter for me. You know, this work thing really gets in my way! I would love to be home all the time, but I guess my checkbook is thanking me for going back now :)

Friday night we went to our first tractor pull of the season. We headed down to Roberts with the 2 John Deere GM's. People tend to get a little confused and think they are pulling the same tractor twice, but in reality, we have two of them that look pretty much identical to each other. Rhonda was going to pull one of them and asked her Dad to put the chrome stacks back on the one again. Now they really do look alike. Deere Power and Deere Power II. I think my family bleeds green and yellow :)The track down in Roberts is a favorite of Dale's with this tractor. He always seems to do good there. This year he ended up with a 2nd place finish out of about 21 tractors. Not too shabby!Rhonda did not place, but she sure had fun pulling. She was so proud (and looked good too, if I do say so myself!) She was impressive considering she is just a "kid" to many of the pullers, plus she's a girl. The other girls that pulled needed help from their husband (or boyfriend, dad or brother) to back the tractor up and put it in gear and everything. They would even have to walk down the track beside them to 'coach' them. Rhonda did it all by herself! She is a true farm girl :)We got home late Friday night and I was exhausted (this is after putting in a full day at work, too). Then I got up Saturday morning and had a house full of company for my Norwex party. Let me tell you, these cleaning cloths are amazing. It makes it so easy to clean, dust, do the side benefit is that they are environmentally friendly. No chemicals, just plain old water. It really is unbelievable. My party will be open for a couple of days yet, so let me know if you are interested and would like anything. Check it out at

*OK, sorry, here's the correct link for Norwex*

Then it was off to a graduation party in Baldwin. What a good time we had there-thanks Barb!

Today it is off to another graduation party in St. Croix Falls. See you in a little bit, Shelly!

Happy Scrappin'


  1. Tammy, it does sound like you have had a busy weekend. I learned a lot about tractors that I didn't know before. I haven't been on a farm except for brief visits with friends going horseback riding as a teen. I tired to click on the Norwex link, but couldn't open anything.

  2. Thanks, Leslie! And I got the link fixed (I hope)