Friday, April 3, 2009

Rhonda's going to State!

Great news in our house...Rhonda is going to State for her duet! We were at the Cameron School last night for Solo & Ensembles. Rhonda did a Class B piece for her solo and received a rating of 1. That's great, that means next year she can do a Class A piece. The judge even gave her a high five when she got done. She said she's an awful little girl to be filling up that big instrumentThen she did a duet with her friend Allison. Rhonda is playing the bass clarinet this year and Allison plays the trombone. I tried to get a picture of them performing, but I only brought my little camera instead of my big one and the lighting was terrible in that room, so they didn't turn out. Too bad, too because they did great! They performed a Class A piece and received a rating of 1* which means they go on to the State competition the first weekend in May! We waited around for about an hour after they were done just waiting to hear how they did (everyone just kinda stands around waiting for the results to get posted). Rhonda was tired and was ready to go but I said, "Let's just wait a little longer." I was the first to see the result and turned around and nodded my head to her and held up one finger. She screamed and was hugging Allison-I wish I had a picture of that! Then the tears started rolling down her cheeks. This will be her first trip to State. She was so excited! I am very happy for her. Allison said that she thinks they deserve a treat. She is a funny one, but since she said that, I am going to make treats for them and bring them into them at lunch at school today. What a surprise that'll be.

Until later,


  1. It's so nice to be able to share in your excitement for Rhonda! Way to go GIRL!!

  2. Are they going to Eau Claire? If so maybe I'll see you there.

  3. Thanks, Patti!

    Barb, yes, we will be in Eau Claire. Hopefully we'll see you there, but it's hard to say, depending on how spread out it is. Good Luck to Stephanie, too!