Saturday, April 11, 2009

My barn shelves

Since I have had a couple of people ask, I will tell you about my barn shelves. They are very special to me as my Dad built them for me many years ago. We do live on a farm and we used to milk cows, too, but they have been gone now for about 5 years. My Dad was a very talented woodworker. When we first got married (almost 24 years ago now), we could not afford a lot of anything. My Dad was kind enough to build these things for us. The barn and silo shelves on the wall as well as the big barn shelf that sits on the floor are very unique and one of a kind. My Dad passed away almost 12 years ago now so there is no way I could ever get rid of them. They are so precious to me. My daughter also had a doll cradle built by Grandpa that is very special. Oh, I think of the things I could have if he were still around.

OK, off to do a little creating I think. I am long overdue :)

Happy Scrappin'

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