Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're in Sunny Florida!

Oh my gosh-we have been so busy down here in Florida! The weather is a little cool, but we just keep thinking about the sub-zero temps back home in Wisconsin and then it feels a little warmer here :) It has been in the upper 60's to mid 70's, but when that sun goes down, it gets chilly. Today is supposed to be warmer, though.

It has been quite the trip as I get to watch some of these kids experience things for the first time such as plane rides, the ocean, being out of Wisconsin... I love watching them-it's magical!

We have already been to Downtown Disney (met up with Lynn's friend Kathy that we met when we were down here last July-she works at the T-Rex restaurant there), Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Today we are at Epcot and tomorrow we go to Magic Kingdom in the morning and then head out to Cocoa Beach in the afternoon. Yeah, the ocean!

Today I got to sleep in a little and take my time getting ready. The kids have their practice and performance to do today at Epcot. The adults can't go with them, so we are all going to take a shuttle over and meet them when they are done at Noon. It's kind of a nice break from all the kids, too...don't get me wrong, they are great kids, well-behaved and a lot of fun, but it's also nice to have a little quiet time, too :)

Well, I best be off to relax by the pool a little before we leave for Epcot-maybe I'll even eat a nice fresh orange, yummy :) We got to stop at a little fruit stand on our way to the hotel on Thursday. Fresh oranges, grapefruit and tangerines are the BEST!

Sunny Smiles,

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